Trip Hazard pedals 1 Fuzz, 2 Disruption, and
3 Tremolo.

Dangerous Guitar Pedals

Watch your step.

Trip Hazard Guitar Pedals


We have come to the conclusion that there are not nearly enough makers of guitar pedals out there. They're practically non-existent. Scarcely more than three hundred at last count. If they were bald eagles, the EPA would be in a state of panic.

So we figured it was time we introduced a guitar pedal or two and put'em out there on the market. We're beginning with our local supermarket, and if that goes well we'll rent a stall at the farmer's market out on highway 412.

We'll keep you informed.

Oh, and you can buy them online if you don't live nearby.


Three pedals are currently available:

Trip Hazard 1 Fuzz
Trip Hazard 2 Disruption
Trip Hazard 3 Tremolo

On the products page you can find some information on our build philosophy.



Watch your step.



Trip Hazard pedals are made in the USA by XQP. Nice guys. Yes we are.

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