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Trip Hazard 2 Disruption

Dangerous Guitar Pedals

Watch your step.

Trip Hazard 2



The Trip Hazard 2 Disruption is the guitar pedal version of XQP's 545 Optical Disrupter.

It's a feed-forward optical compressor that creates asymmetrical distortion by sloping the top half of the waveform. There is no clipping resulting from disruption. The effect is most noticeable on low frequencies, which makes it really shine on bass guitar. However, any guitar or keyboard can be used.

The Trip Hazard 2 can be powered by 9v battery or with a standard center pin-negative 9v DC power supply. A red LED will light up when the effect is engaged. The stomp switch is a 3PDT true bypass.


Trip Hazard utilizes a virtual ground rail splitter to achieve precise bipolar voltage. With this arrangement, the negative from the power supply is -4.5v referenced to ground. So if you are using a Trip Hazard pedal on a pedal board with a single power supply to power all your pedals, it must have isolated outputs. If your power supply has a common ground negative, the negative supply inside your Trip Hazard pedal will short to ground, and the result will be that it won't work. And then smoke might come out.


Watch Your Step


Trip Hazard pedals are made in the USA by XQP. Nice guys. Yes we are.

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